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How Dealers Can Effectively Measure Online Engagement

How do you know the difference between a casual visitor to your Vehicle Details Page (VDP) and a potential buyer? The answer: by tracking their activity while on your site. Google Tag Manager with Event Tracking can help you do exactly that and measure online engagement.

We can help you install Google Tag Manager on your dealership’s website and set it up to track key events that give you a more honest picture of shopping behavior, whether they come to your site through us or through other traffic sources. For example, Google Tag Manager can tell you if people are:

  • Scrolling through videos on your VDPs
  • Browsing through pictures on your VDPs
  • Clicking to a third party website in response to a call to action
  • Spending more than 30 seconds on a VDP
  • Scrolling through a VDP


All of these actions indicate an engaged visitor, so you can measure true shopper behavior on the pages where it matters most. Watch the video now.