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Changing the Game for Auto Dealers: Shopper Retargeting Now Automatically Available to LotLinx Dealer Customers

Great news! LotLinx has added Shopper Retargeting to our platform.

One of our greatest assets is our ability to intercept in-market shoppers and deliver a very high percentage (80+%) of “net new traffic" to a dealer's website.  That means we engage buyers that would otherwise be missed, thus raising a dealer's marketplace “visibility” and share.

Once we deliver one of these valuable low-funnel shoppers, the dealer’s next objective should be to keep them coming back to their franchise until that shopper buys.

So as of March 2016, we have begun automatically retargeting the LotLinx shoppers we deliver across our automotive platform and in other high-value digital media, delivering them directly to a dealer's VDP.

The LotLinx Retargeting Platform is automatic only for a dealer’s LotLinx traffic.  If a dealer would like to retarget all of their web traffic, we will do this at no additional cost.  The dealer only pays for performance: $3.99 for every return shopping session.  This, quite frankly, is a better pricing model than the leading retargeting services.

Call us anytime - we would be happy to recommend a retargeting program for your web traffic, including the smart strategies that will optimize the shopping engagement while reducing the waste of standard retargeting programs.  We stand ready to help you improve digital results, while simultaneously reducing your costs.